Who is this guy?

Hello! My name is Matthew, though I really don’t care whether you call me Matthew or Matt. On the internet however, I tend to go by Lunarki. Though, if it’s already taken, I tend to use Mattdogking.

I’m a 10th grade High School student in the United States, currently working towards gaining a career in the realm of Computer Science. I enjoy creating little projects, including this website along with my friend Tom (aka dnomaid).

One such project I would enjoy working on is using my old AMD FX 6300 BE processor and MSI NVIDIA GTX 610 LP card to create a server I can use for different little projects, such as experimenting with the Proxmox Hypervisor. Along with this, it would act as a Network Access Storage server or NAS for short.

Along with these projects, I have a few hobbies. These hobbies include: Photography, Music Production, Video Production, RC Helicopters, and other such things. Perhaps I’ll get into them more once I have the time.

I guess I should end this with why this website exists. Tom and I created this site in the hopes of using it for practice and experience in HTML and CSS (or SCSS!). Not only this, but it allows me somewhere I can host different projects and experiments, including class assignments if need be. Besides, this would look good on a college and/or university application, wouldn’t it?

You may be interested in my FaQ page. If not, feel free to explore.

Found any problems with the site? Pester me or Tom and we’ll get it sorted (probably).